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Protest at Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles

20 December 2015 9:57


On December 17, 2015 the Arab Americans for Syria (AA4S) hosted a #StandWithSyria protest at the Turkish Consulate office in Los Angeles, USA. Present were Palestinians, Armenians, Iraqis, Lebanese and freedom loving Americans like photographer Mike Chickey.

There was 120 pro Peace (Pro Syrian) protesters with many signs from “Stop Turkey from Aiding ISIS” to “The Ottoman Empire is over.” A small handful of agitators showed up with Turkish flags and the illegal revolutionary flag, with comical chants of “Assad kills Syrians, Erdogan saves Syrian people” and “Turkey home to Syrian Refugees.”

Possibly this group doesn’t read English too well and haven’t seen the recent news of Turkey’s involvement in training jihadists thieves from over 60 countries near Adana in Turkey and the facilitation of the criminal non-Syrian jihadists into Syria and Iraq. Perhaps this same small group of Turkey supporters missed the news of Turkey’s aggression against Kurds and last weeks attempt to invade Iraq which was stopped by the Iraqis government and people standing together.

Nevertheless, the narratives have now reversed and those same words that were once paired with Assad, are now paired with Erdogan (“Corrupt”, “Despot”, “Criminal” and “Kills his own people”). Now the games have reversed and a new deal was inked with US State Department John Kerry and Foreign Minister and brilliant negotiator Sergei Lavrov. Whereas a peace process will be a focus in Syria, a stern warning followed from the White House to Erdogan to “deescalate” behavior toward Iraq.

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