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URGENT: Syrian Army Wins Back Strategic Heights in Lattakia

20 December 2015 18:58


The Syrian army seized back three strategic hilltops in the mountainous regions of the coastal province of Lattakia on Sunday.

The army units took control of the strategic hilltops of Rweiset Addou, Ketf al-Harami and Yaqouber which are located between Salma and Kabani regions in Lattakia province.

Tens of Takfiri terrorists were killed and dozens more were injuired during the army attacks in Lattakia today.

The Syrian Army announced on Sunday that the militant groups have withdrawn forces from more territories in Lattakia near the border with Turkey under the heavy attacks of the Syrian government forces.

“The Syrian Army troops and the country’s National Defense Forces stormed the militant groups’ positions near al-Kabir village, killed or wounded a large number of militants and retook full control over the village,” the army said.

Military analysts believe that the eye-catching victories of the pro-government forces against the militant groups in the mountainous regions of Lattakia in winter time are indebted to the strong will of the Syrian soldiers, the NDF and Hezbollah fighters to route out militancy and terrorism in the country.

They further added that very good back up of the ground forces by the Syrian and Russian Air Force is another factor behind the continued defeats of the militant groups.

On Saturday, the Syrian Army and the popular forces pushed back the militant groups from at least eight strategic heights and a village in the Northern part of Lattakia province after fierce battles with the militant groups.

“The Syrian army troops and the country’s National Defense Forces carried out a joint large-scale operation in the mountainous part of Lattakia province and pushed back the terrorist groups from Heights 652, 687.5, 526, 662.8, 427, 754.5, Syriatel Tower, Jabal al-Aswad al-Kabir and Atira village,” the sources said.

“Over 25 Takfiri terrorists were killed or wounded in the Syrian government forces’ operation,” the sources added.

“The militant groups’ military hardware also sustained heavy damage in the attacks,” they said.

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