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Free Zakzaky Protest: Funeral of 6 Martyrs killed by Police in Kaduna

22 December 2015 7:20


A Funeral prayer for six Martyrs was held in Kaduna. The six were taken alive when the Police openned fire on peaceful processioin demanding release of Sheikh Zakzaky on Tuesday the 15th of December 2015 in Kaduna.

They were tortured to death by the Police while in their custody as the pictures show. The corpses of our brothers were handed over to us for burial by the Police in Kaduna for proper Islamic burial. However to our greatest shock they were tortured using electric shock and also stabbed severally. It was gruesome.
They were killed after being arrested at the peacefull procession they staged in Kaduna on Tuesday 15-12-15 condmning the continued detention of our Leader Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky and the indiscriminate killing of our brothers. Before then on Thursday 17-12-15 four were buried, the following day Friday 3 were again buried after being handed over to us by the Police Command. This made the total number of people killed by the Police on the day of the protest in Kaduna to 13.


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