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Lebanese cleric hails Supreme Leader’s letter to western youths as timely

22 December 2015 7:17


Prominent Lebanese scholar praised the second letter by the Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s letter addressing the western youths as timely calling that a reminder of the letter by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for the then world leaders.
Sheikh Maher Hamoud, Secretary General of International Union of Resistance Scholars, praised the timely letter by the Supreme Leader addressing western youths when hostile measures were taken to tarnish the image of Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Takfiri (excommunication) terrorism does not exclude anyone and it is a pity that their hostility is in line with intrigues to tarnish the image of Islam.”

He added,” World arrogant and colonial powers are allied for undermining the image of Islam and have created Takfiri terrorism against Muslim world.”

The cleric referred to the Supreme Leader’s letter addressing western youths and stressed,” Regarding the imposed intrigues, Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, have addressed western youths in a letter with Islamic and humanitarian content, and revealed the true nature of Islam, the religion they are in pursuit of.”

He added,” This letter is a historical message and a reminder of the letters sent by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) inviting the then leaders and rulers across the globe to embrace Islam.”

Sheikh Maher Hamoud praised the letter for being issued in a timely statuesque, when efforts for tarnishing the image of Islam are in the peak.

Lebanese religious figure noted,” To issue this letter by the Supreme Leader is a clear reason for the trust in future generation and its capability to understand the intrigues by the western governments, intelligence services and the mass media. On the other hand it can prove the fatherly and affectionate view of the Supreme Leader for the youths and that their rescue from the quagmire of ignorance and leading them to the right path of God is the end meant by the Leader.”

Secretary General of the International Union of Resistance Scholars referred to the sermons and messages by the Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei and said,” They all give the feeling that all achievements of Iran in different arena are due to the deep thoughts and wisdom of Ayatollah Khamenei to different issues; hence, why should not the youths and nations across the globe make use of the experience and find out the true nature of those who commit anti-Islamic crimes under the name of this holy religion?”

He expressed hope that the world witnesses great achievements through attending the issue of Palestine, confrontation with world arrogant powers and realization of unity across the world of Islam.

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