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‘Mosques play elevated role in guiding human kind’

22 December 2015 7:23


Top cleric placed emphasis on the leading role of Mosques in guiding people to the right path.
One of Religious jurisprudents Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Ali Alavi Gorgani put stress on the elevated role of Mosques in guiding people to the very right path, stressing that attracting people towards mosques is a necessity, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).Making his remarks in a meeting with the Friday prayer leader in Qom, the grand Ayatollah urged clerics to be much more careful about their actions noting, “Our deeds and behavior should not distance people from mosques.”

Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Ali Alavi Gorgani emphasized the prime importance of discipline in religious affairs adding, “The divine religion of Islam has highly emphasized on discipline and we should also make it a practice to promote and preserve it.”

The religious cleric stressed that if human kinds took the cognizance of these discipline and ordinance. Then  they would take their steps in the right way.

Highlighted the elevated role of mosques, Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani underlined, “mosque is a place for worshipping God almighty; given that, it is incumbent upon us to take care of its sanctity.”

Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Ali Alavi Gorgani sternly warned religious clerics, elites,  and thinker to refrain from any measures and deeds distancing people from the mosques.

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