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Syrian Forces Getting Ready for Imminent Operation Northwest of Raqqa Province

22 December 2015 7:13


Intelligence sources of the Syrian Army disclosed on Monday that the country’s government forces have dispatched fresh fighters in groups to Sarrin Northeast of Aleppo province to join a large-scales operation against the ISIL strongholds Northwest of Raqqa.

“Large groups of the fresh forces have been sent to Sarrin, a town along the Euphrates river, to strengthen the government forces’ operational capabilities there to carry out an imminent operation to take back the strategic Tishrin Dam and its nearby areas from the ISIL,” military sources said.

The Tishrin dam was built over the Euphrates river at the border of Raqqa and Aleppo provinces.

“The Syrian government forces will definitely storm the ISIL defense lines by using their ground, navy and air forces,” the sources added.

“There have been many soldiers of the Syrian navy among the newly dispatched forces to Sarrin,” the sources said.

“The commanders of the Syrian air and ground forces have also held several coordinating sessions to review each other’s duties and missions in the upcoming operation,” the sources said.

Earlier this month, the Syrian army, National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah fighters, backed up by the Syrian and Russian warplanes, pushed back the ISIL from a long section of Aleppo-Raqqa highway after hours of fierce clashes with the militants.

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