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Army Launches Massive Offensive in Homs amid Heavy Airstrikes

23 December 2015 19:17


The Syrian army conducted a wide-scale assault on Takfiri terrorists in Homs province on Wednesday as the country’s warplanes pounded militants’ concentration centers in the Central province.

The Syrian army engaged in fierce fighting with militants on the outskirts of al-Rastan city in the Northern countryside of Homs.

The Syrian warplanes also destroyed ISIL positions and movement axes in Um Kadoum hill, al-Hadath, Dahre al-Dukan, Housh Abu Faraj, Hazm Um Ayash and al-Hazm in the Southeastern countryside of Homs.

The terrorists suffered heavy casualties in the air attacks.

Earlier, at least 14 militants were killed or injured after their positions in the Northern countryside of Homs city were bombed by the Syrian fighter jets, sources said Wednesday, adding that the country’s air force continues massive air raids across the province.

“The Syrian warplanes carried out several combat sorties over the Takfiri terrorists’ defense lines and military camps in Talbiseh, Teir Ma’ala and Ein Hossein and targeted them heavily,” the sources said.

“The militants sustained a heavy death toll and their military vehicles and weapons were destroyed in the attacks,” the sources added.

The Syrian Air Force has intensified airstrikes against the militant groups’ positions, mainly the ISIL, across Homs province, to weaken their defensive abilities as much as possible.

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