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IRGC to continue Syria advisory mission ‘stronger than ever’

23 December 2015 17:26


Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces has said Iran’s support for Syrian resistance against enemies of Syrian people will continue stronger than ever.

Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri who is also deputy-commander of Basij and Defensive Culture of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, denounced the stories circulating in the media about the dwindled IRGC operation in Syria as inaccurate and ill-conceived. “The Islamic Republic of Iran’s policies and strategies are defined in a framework informed by religious values and teachings, the expediencies of the Islamic Umma and national interests, and contrary to highly contradictory policies of the claimants for democracy, human rights, and fighting terrorism, our policies enjoys exemplary stability and coherence,” said the commander. “Accordingly, despite the false stories promoted in the media that claims Iran’s consulting role in Syria has dwindled are in line with a psychological war aimed at demoralize the resistance front; our consulting role will continue with exigencies arising from the battle fronts against Takfirist terrorists.”

“We have no doubt that such false stories spewed forth in western media actively seek to support the Takfirist front and to stymie Iran’s effective opposition to the US interventionist policies and its reactionary Arab allies in the region, and which has been among the Zionist agenda as well,” Jazayeri emphasized.

“ISIL is a foster child of the US and reactionary Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf and the hollowness of their sham coalition against their foster child is now too obvious in the world people’s eyes; Syria has an important strategic value in terms of security of the Islamic world and Iran’s national interests as well, where these two intersect; based on this premise, we will never decrease our consulting role in Syria, as supporting Syrian government and people is Iran’s strategic and official policy and will continue stronger than ever,” the commander went on to say.

“Iran’s support for Syria against terrorism brought about the western abandoning of many of its favorable playing cards which has now reduced to political dialogue; Syrian people should decide on the political future of their country, and so far, they have demonstrated to be far away from giving in to their avowed enemies,” Jazayeri concluded.

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