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Kyrgyz Activist: Financial Temptations Lure Women into Syria

23 December 2015 19:17


A prominent Kyrgyz activist underlined that most women who flock to Syria to join the terrorist groups have been seduced by financial promises.

“While women used to comprise only 1.1% of the members of the extremist and terrorist organizations, today this number has increased to 23%,” Head of Kyrgyzstan’s Motekallem Movement Jamal Frantbeik Kyzy said in a press conference in Bishkek on Wednesday.

She described religious disinformation and illiteracy as among the elements which entice women to join the terrorist groups, and said the females who have left their country to find a better job in foreign states also travel to Syria to make a better earning and help their family with the promises that are made to them by the extremists.

Women from across the world join the terrorist groups in Syria while most of them are unaware of the dire conditions waiting for in the war-torn country.

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