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Syrian Fighter Jets Pound ISIL Centers Heavily Northeast of Aleppo

23 December 2015 17:06



The Syrian warplanes razed ISIL-held regions in the Northeastern territories of Aleppo province on Wednesday.

The Syrian air fleet targeted the ISIL centers near the village of Ein al-Bayda village that claimed the lives of many terrorist.

The ISIL military vehicles also sustained large damage in the attack.

The Syrian army and its allies, backed up by the Russian fighter jets, have been carrying out very successful operations in various parts of Aleppo province in the recent weeks.

Sources announced earlier today that the Syrian and Russian fighter jets, in a series of fresh combat sorties, targeted the terrorist groups’ military sites and defense lines near different villages and towns in the Northern province of Aleppo, inflicting heavy losses on the militants.

“The Syrian jets carried out several sorties over Hraytan and its surrounding farms and Kafr Hamra in the Northern part of the province and hit the militants’ camps heavily,” the sources said.

“The Russian jets, for their part, fired several air-to-ground rockets at the militant groups’ strongholds near Khan Touman and Aleppo-Damascus highway in the Southwestern part of Aleppo province, which left many militants dead or wounded,” the sources added.

“Tal Jabin town and al-Malah and Asia regions in the Northern territories of the province witnessed the heavy bombing of the militant groups’ concentration centers by the Russian fighters in six combat sorties,” the sources went on to say.

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