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Ansarullah: Saudi Arabia only understands language of force

24 December 2015 7:14



Mohammad al-Bukhaiti, a member of the Political Council of the Ansarullah movement, said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday “The only solution for Yemenis is to have the upper hand in the battlefield. Saudi Arabia only understands the language of force.”

Bukhaiti further added “Riyadh has suffered great losses; therefore it’s looking for a decent way out of the war. But the kingdom has high expectations in its aggression which are not feasible in dialog. That’s why the war is still raging on.”

He also cited the Saudi mentality of revenge and sectarian beliefs as yet another reason for the continuation of the devastating offensive against Yemeni people, and criticized the United Nations for the lack of serious efforts in forcing Riyadh to stop its unabated airstrikes.

Bukhaiti further condemned the United Arab Emirates and Qatar as two main regional accomplices in the Saudi war.

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