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Sheikh Ramadan Shallah urges PA to stop security coordination with Israel

24 December 2015 18:36


Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Ramadan Shallah, on Thursday called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to cease security coordination and end peace talks with Israel.

Speaking in a televised speech from a conference held in Gaza to mark the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Shallah said the Jerusalem Intifada has restored Palestinians’ self-esteem and determination.

“The universal message sent by the Intifada tells the world that Palestine and Occupied Jerusalem are unforgettable,” he said.

Shallah hailed the Palestinian anti-occupation youths who have stood on their ground in Occupied Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the blockaded Gaza Strip, along with the diaspora and refugees.

Shallah called on the Fatah Movement to combine forces with the Palestinians and boost the national liberation struggle.

He said Israel’s anti-Palestine scheme has failed to gain the support of Jews across the world.

“Every time a war is waged on Gaza, a counter-migration starts to flow,” he said.
“Israel has also failed to establish the self-proclaimed Jewish state and to wipe out the Palestinian people from the world map,” he added.

“Israel has never managed to dampen Palestinians’ spirits. Israel can no longer win wars as it previously did. The wars on Gaza and Lebanon are undeniable proofs,” Shallah further stated.

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