Islamic Invitation Turkey
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ISIL Terrorists Using US TOW Missiles in Battles against Syrian Forces

25 December 2015 23:25


The ISIL terrorists operating in the Eastern territories of Aleppo province are now using the US-made anti-tank BGM-71 TOW missiles in their fight against Syrian Army, some photos via social media networks showed.
The ISIL militants have been using the TOW missiles against the Syrian army in the Northern part of the recently liberated Kuweires airbase East of Aleppo.

The means by which the world-terror group has obtained such weapon is still unknown. However, the tube-launched, anti-tank TOW missiles have been extensively used by Jeish al-Fatah in their offensives against government troops and allied forces in Idlib province.

The terrorist group, which makes huge revenues from illegal oil export, is financially capable of buying whatever weaponries it wants via the international black market.

In a similar context, it’s widely believed that ISIL shares ‘special’ ties’ with Turkey which not only provides access for foreign fighters and the stolen oil trucks, but also acts as the bloodline for the death cult.

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