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ISIS executes 50 of their own fighters in Ramadi

25 December 2015 7:23



Military source inside Iraq reported that 7 Daesh terrorists wearing suicide belts were killed by Iraqi armed forces. As suicide tactics are failing and Iraqi soldiers have become accustomed to this attack strategy, ISIS fighters might be having second thoughts before committing a VBIED operation on Iraqi fighters, this just comes as ISIS has executed 50 of its own fighters

It was confirmed by Hashd al-Shaabi, Major Omar Khamis, on Thursday 11:00 PM – ISIS executed its own fighters because they refused to carry out a suicide mission against the Iraqi armed forces

According to Anbar police source – Iraqi armed forces captured Houz and Fursan streets in central Ramadi, and seized an IED factory while they continue to push up north, and in addition to the capture, operation ‘piercing cornet’ by Iraqi Intel Mokhabarat resulted in apprehending 40 senior Daesh operatives, including regional coordinator by the name of ‘Rafed’.

As the third day of battles in Ramadi hit, Iraqi officials expressed with optimism that by the end of this week, Ramadi will be liberated.

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