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Takfiris to Evacuate Three Neighborhoods in Damascus Countryside

25 December 2015 18:45


Al-Manar sources reported that three neighborhoods in Damascus countryside will be evacuated from Takfiri militants on Saturday.

The number of people who will quit the districts of al-Qadam, Hajar al-Aswad and Yarmouk camp is 3567, at least 2000 of them are militants, according to the sources.Takfiris to Evacuate al-Qadam, Hajar al-Aswad and Yarmouk camp

The sources added that eighteen buses crossed into al-Qadam in preparation for Saturday’s evacuation.

Earlier on Thursday a Syrian army unit entered Qadam to confiscate heavy weapons and military equipment used by the Takfiri militants.

The militants are from ISIL (so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Levant), Nusra Front and al-Ghuraba Brigade, the sources added.

The ceasefire deal comes after two months of intense negotiations between Syria’s government and militants.

Meanwhile, AFP news agency quoted a militant commander as speaking on condition of anonymity: “every fighter will be allowed to leave with his family and one suitcase and his personal weapon”.

The areas are already in the process of being demilitarized, AFP added.

Source: Al Manar TV

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