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Syrian Army Destroys ISIL Chemical Weapons Workshop in Lattakia

26 December 2015 15:03



The Syrian army’s special forces destroyed a chemical weapons workshop of the ISIL terrorists in the province of Lattakia.

The Syrian troops also seized a large number of equipment used for making chemical weapons, medical equipment and medicine, with raw materials which carried made-in-Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia lables.

“The equipment seized in this region shows that the terrorists intended to launch chemical and biological attacks in a bid to accuse the Syrian government of using such weapons,” an unnamed Syrian army field commander told the Arabic-language media outlets.

Earlier today, informed sources announced that the Syrian Army and the country’s popular forces continued to advance in the Northern part of Lattakia province and pushed back the militant groups form more strategic heights.

“Continued operation of the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) in the mountainous regions of Lattakia province forced the militant groups to retreat forces from Height 1167.3 and Tal al-Awdah 2 near the Salanfa axis,” the sources said.

“The militant groups suffered a heavy death toll and their military hardware was destroyed in the operation,” the sources said.

Military analysts believe that the eye-catching victories of the pro-government forces against the militant groups in the mountainous regions of Lattakia in winter time are indebted to the strong will of the Syrian soldiers, the NDF and Hezbollah fighters to route out militancy and terrorism in the country.

They further added that very good back up of the ground forces by the Syrian and Russian Air Force is another factor behind the continued defeats of the militant groups.

On Friday, the Syrian army continued its massive advances in Lattakia, and seized back several strategic regions.

The army units won back Ketf Al-Harami after their recent capture of Jabal al-Nuba (al-Nuba Mountain).

The Syrian army also won back Tal Al-Awdah.

The Syrian troops also advanced in Talet Ghazaleh region of Lattakia province, inflicting heavy losses on the Liw Suqur Al-Jabal militants, a branch of the Free Syrian Army in the region.

Meantime, commander of the Mohammad Sino Battalion Mohammad Al-Seraj was killed in heavy clashes with the Syrian army in Lattakia countryside.

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