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Syrian Army Repels Another Large-Scale Attack on Bashkoy Northwest of Aleppo

26 December 2015 17:57



The terrorists failed to capture the strategic town of Bashkoy in another massive attack on army positions Northwest of Aleppo province on Saturday.

The Syrian forces repelled another large-scale assault of the Takfiri terrorists on Bashkoy for the second time today, killing and wounding at least 14 militants, field sources said.

Hundreds of terrorists have staged, at least, three major attacks on army positions near Bashkoy since Friday to win control over the town.

After repelling the first attack earlier today, sources told FNA that the Syrian army forces killed scores of Takfiri terrorists, destroyed 7 tanks, a BMP vehicle and 23mm cannon and seized a tank.

Reports also said the Syrian army killed Mohammed A’war, the military commander of the so-called Fajr al-Khelafa Battalions, in clashes with the terrorists in the vicinity of Bashkoy.

The Syrian army captured Bashkoy from the terrorists in February. Ever since then, the terrorists have sought hard to take back the town which is of strategic value in Northwest of Aleppo province.

The last major attack by the terrorists was conducted on December 10, when heavy clashes erupted between Syrian army and terrorists in the vicinity of Bashkoy.

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