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US behind all wars in last 37 years: Iran commander

26 December 2015 14:51



A senior Iranian commander says the United States provoked all the wars that the world has seen in the past four decades.

“Today, we live in the world of bitter and harsh realities,” Brigadier General Hossein Salami, the second-in-command of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), said on Saturday.

“We have seen [how] the powerful world sees peace [as an opportunity] to generate the capacity for war.

“Should we review the bitter realities of recent history, we would come to the conclusion that all the wars of the past 37 years have taken place in this region and the Islamic World, with the US having been the one to provoke all of them,” he added.

The world knows that a new center of power is in the making to create a new civilization based on divine concepts, Salami said.

“Over the 37 years, we have witnessed various sorts of wars, threats, and sedition on the international scale.”

Salami said, “The fate of Muslims is today subject to these very policies, and war still goes on in Muslim countries.”

“For the enemy, insecurity means something that should always exist there. They are after a world where everyone lives in insecurity and misery, while they themselves live in security, affluence, and calm, and devise and implement new strategies to realize this dangerous and sinister cause.”

Salami said resolutions issued by the United Nations Security Council are not capable of protecting weak countries against the military aggression of powerful states.

The IRGC general called on all Muslims to fight for their freedom and religious identity.

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