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Army Captures More Strategic Regions Around Kuweires Airbase

27 December 2015 7:39


The Syrian army managed to win key regions near the recently-captured Kuweires military airbase in Aleppo province as they try stretch their control over the terrorist-held lands Southeast of Aleppo.

The Syrian forces gained control of Tal Sherba’ (hill of Sherba’) and Juruf village near Kuweires military airport in the Eastern part of Aleppo on Saturday.

In November, the Syrian army, popular forces and Hezbollah forces, backed up by Syrian and Russian air force, lifted the two and a half-year-long siege of Kuweires military airbase after killing hundreds of ISIL terrorists.

Earlier this month, military sources announced that the strategic Kuweires airbase is now ready to launch joint anti-terrorism operations with the Russian fleet.

The sources said that the first Syrian Air Force’s helicopter landed at the Kuweires Military Airport on December 9 for the first time in nearly three years, marking the remarkable return of this large airbase that was under a brutal siege just three months ago.

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