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Homs: 2nd Phase of Wa’ar Region Militant Evacuation Plan Starts

27 December 2015 18:34


The second phase of an agreement between the militant groups and the government to evacuate militants from their last stronghold in the city of Homs started on Sunday, Governor Talal al-Barazi declared.

Based on the agreement between the Syrian government and the militants signed early in December, all militants will evacuate al-Wa’ar region in the western part of Homs city.

Barazi said on Sunday that the first phase of the agreement completed as planned and the second phase started today.

According to the governor, the second phase includes evacuation of light weapons and dealing with the case of those who have gone missing and those who have been captured.

He also added that facilitated supply of food to the residents of the region is one of the issues to be dealt with in the second phase, and ensured that al-Wa’ar will be declared a safe zone soon.

The militants of al-Wa’ar district in Old Homs City reached an agreement with the Syrian government on December 1 on their gradual exit.

In the first phase of the plan, militants began evacuating Homs city in Central Syria on December 9 under the UN supervision.

Fifty armed men, who were not involved in Syrian bloodshed, turned themselves to the Syrian authorities in Al-Wa’ar in a first phase.

A large convoy of retreating rebels along with their families left Homs City for Idlib in Northwestern Syria later in the day.

Based on the agreement, militants can take their light weapons with themselves, but their semi-heavy and heavy weaponries are all surrendered to the UN officials.

Ceasefire treaties to launch evacuation and relocation plans have started across Syria during the last month.

A similar agreement is underway in neighborhoods South of the Syrian capital, Damascus, to evacuate the ISIL terrorists from the region.

Preparations are underway in the neighborhood of al-Hajar al-Aswad and some parts in the al-Yarmouk camp in the Southern parts of Damascus to evacuate the ISIL terrorists from the region.

The militants began to remove the road barricades and berms and open the roads between the al-Hajar al-Aswad and al-Qadam and Sabinah regions on Tuesday.

Some militants intend to move to al-Raqqa Northeast of Syria, while a majority have demanded relocation to Mare’ city in the Northern countryside of Aleppo.

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