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Participants to 29th Islamic unity conference count Muslim world issues

27 December 2015 8:00


Experts and elites to the 29th Islamic unity conference warn against Takfir (excommunication), Islamophobia and ignorance as the most important issues to the present Muslim world as the theme for this event demands.
Arriving to the Iranian capital of Tehran, participants to 2015 Islamic unity conference stress terrorist Takfiri movements, tarnished image of Islam and ignorance of some Muslim scholars to be set high on the agenda of this event, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

ISIL is set as number one issue of the Muslim states by a number of the elites arriving for Islamic unity conference. Bloodshed of the citizens in different countries, evacuation of the people from their cities , looting of the properties and ancient heritages are set as the most important issue which in view of the interviewed guests have to be discussed firstly.

A more disturbing outcome of Takfir is the tarnished image of Islam which in view of the guests has led to spread of Islamophobia across the globe.

A third issue which has to be dealt with from within Islamic states is ignorance of some Muslim leaders who bring the most damage by not knowing enough of the ideologies of other denominations.

In view of the experts education, boosting Islamic unity, expansion of dialogue and introducing true Islam are the most necessary solutions for the counted issues.

29th Islamic unity conference is to begin its 3-day mission on 27 December, 2015 in Tehran.

Participated by more than 300 guests from across the globe, the theme for this year’s event is the present crises of Muslim world.

175 participants are the new faces from heads of universities, high ranking officials and elites.



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