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Scores of Militants Killed in Syrian Army’s Special Operations in Dara’a

27 December 2015 15:17


A large number of the terrorists were killed and wounded in a series of mine and booby-trapped and remote-controled bomb blasts North-West of Dara’a province on Sunday.

“The Syrian Army’s engineering units infiltrated into the defense lines of the so-called Haraka al-Mothana Islamiya and A’alawiya al-Forqan terrorist groups near Kafr Shams and planted dozens of mines, bombs and explosive devices in their strongholds,” sources said.

“The Syrian forces later detonated the bombs using remote controls and destroyed the terrorists’ military grid and inflicted severe casualties on them,” the sources added.

The Syrian Armed Forces have been using a wide range of war tactics, including special operations, artillery and rocket shelling and air attack to hit the militant groups as strong as possible in the battlefields across the country.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian warplanes launched airstrikes against the positions and concentration centers of militants in three villages East of Dara’a city.

The Syrian strikers targeted the gathering centers of Takfiri terrorists in the villages of Rakhem, al-Mlaiha al-Sharqiya and al-Karak, near Dara’a city, military sources said.

The massive airstrikes left tens of militants killed and injured, and destroyed their hideouts, machinegun-equipped vehicles, military equipment and munitions, they added.

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