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URGENT: ISIL Command Posts Annihilated in Maheen, Several Terrorist Commanders Killed

27 December 2015 20:49



Syrian fighter jets destroyed ISIL command posts in several regions in the Central Province of Homs as airstrikes have intensified.

The Syrian warplanes targeted ISIL command posts in the town of Maheen and the villages of Salam Gharbi and Salam Sharqi in Homs on Saturday.

Several ISIL concentration centers and positions were destroyed in the air raids along with weapons and munitions inside them.

Field sources said, “Senior commanders were killed in the air raids.”

Earlier, the Syrian army and warplanes killed scores of ISIL terrorists in the key town of Maheen.

“Syrian army destroyed ISIL positions and concentration centers near Maheen, killing and wounding at least 17 Takfiri terrorists and destroying their vehicles and weapons,” field sources said Saturday.

The Syrian airstrikes also hit against positions of militants in Maheen, leaving dozens of ISIL Takfiri terrorists dead.

Militants’ weaponry and vehicles were also destroyed.

Also on Saturday, battlefield sources said the Syrian Army and its allies stormed the terrorists’ positions in the Southeastern and Northern parts of Homs province, inflicting heavy losses on the militants specially on the outskirts of Maheen.

“Scores of the ISIL militants were killed and wounded as a result of the Syrian army’s offensive near the strategic town of Maheen,” the sources said.

“The Syrian government forces also raided the ISIL strongholds in the surroundings of Tir Moala’a in the Northern part of Homs province,” the sources added.

“The militant groups’ concentration centers near the towns of al-Houla, al-Qantou and Taldou and the villages of al-Tayebeh al-Gharbiyeh came under massive attacks of the Syrian army, which claimed the lives of many terrorists and destroyed their military hardware,” the sources added.

Military analysts believe that the Syrian government forces’ tactic of carrying out large-scale operation and meantime conducting sporadic attack can significantly weaken the terrorists’ ability of defending and regrouping in the same time.

“We have witnessed the fruitfulness on this tactic in Aleppo, Lattakia and Homs provinces,” they added.

“The army has lessened its casualties in the battlefield with using this tactic,” the analysts went on to say.

Earlier on Saturday, the intelligence sources disclosed that the ISIL terrorists have started to pull back their forces from defense lines around the strategic town of Maheen after suffering heavy losses as a result of the pro-government forces’ operation in the Central province in the recent days.

“Significant advances of the Syrian Army and its allies near Maheen have forced the ISIL to pull back a large number of militants form their defense lines and positions near Maheen,” the sources said.

The ISIL terrorists have been weakened by the continued attacks of the Syrian forces. The Russian and Syrian Air force also have targeted their positions heavily in the recent days.

The news about the dispatching of fresh forces from across the country to Homs province to join the army’s operation near Maheen has been another cause of the ISIL withdrawal form nearby areas of the town.

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