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Israel fires head of missile programs over breach of security information

28 December 2015 9:48


Israel has fired the head of its missile programs over what has been described as a “grave” breach of security information.

According to a statement released by the regime’s ministry of military affairs on Sunday, Yair Ramati, who has been the director of major missile programs of Arrow (long-range), David’s Sling (medium-range), and Iron Dome (short range) during the last four years “can no longer continue to perform his duties” after “a grave breach of information security was recently found.”

The statement added that “the case will be handled by the relevant authorities,” without giving further details of his offense.

Israeli newspapers, however, cited storing classified information on Ramati’s computer as a possible reason for his dismissal.

Israel has been steadily revamping its missile capabilities over the past years by conducting numerous missile tests, which many regional nations regard as a threat to peace and security in the Middle East.

Tel Aviv has so far received hundreds of millions of dollars from the US for its three missile systems.

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