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Syrian Forces Very Close to Win Maheen Battle against ISIL in Homs Province

28 December 2015 13:00



The Syrian Army announced on Monday that ISIL’s rule over the strategic town of Maheen in the Central Homs province is on the verge of collapse, adding the Syrian government forces are preparing to capture the town.

“The Syrian army troop, National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah have continued their advance against the ISIL terrorists in the battlefields near Maheen and Hawareen,” the army said.

“The ISIL has pulled back forces from several positions near Maheen, and pro-government forces are about to enter the town,” the army confirmed.

The ISIL terrorists have been weakened by the continued attacks of the Syrian forces. The Russian and Syrian Air force have also been targeting their positions heavily in the recent days.

The dispatch of fresh forces from across the country to Homs province to join the army’s operation near Maheen has been another cause of the ISIL withdrawal form nearby areas of the town.

On Saturday, the intelligence sources disclosed that the ISIL terrorists started to pull back their forces from defense lines around the strategic town of Maheen after suffering heavy losses as a result of the pro-government forces’ operation in the Central province in the recent days.

“Significant advances of the Syrian Army and its allies near Maheen have forced the ISIL to pull back a large number of militants form their defense lines and positions near Maheen,” the sources said.

Reports said on Sunday, Syrian fighter jets intensified attacks on terrorists’ positions in Homs as the army troops continue to tighten noose on the Takfiri militants.

The Syrian warplanes destroyed stronghold of Takfiri terrorists in Teir Ma’ala in Homs, killing and injuring at least 7 militants and destroying their weapons.

Meanwhile, the army troops also destroyed strongholds of militants in the town of Talbiseh and in the vicinity of al-Qunaitrat and Ezeddin villages in the Northern countryside of Homs.

At least 8 Takfiri terrorists were killed and injured in the army’s attack, Militants’ vehicles and weapons were also destroyed.

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