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Islamic Unity Confab comes to an end

29 December 2015 21:02


International Islamic Unity Conference held its closing ceremonty with religious thinkers and clerics in attendance.
On the last leg of a three-day event held in the Iranian capital of Tehran, participants of 29th International Islamic Unity Conference held its closing ceremonty and released its final statement to reiterate their commonalities and express their abhorrence of Takfir, extremist moves and disunity offereing roadmaps to end the standing crises world of Islam is mired in, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Participants in this conference discussed present violence and terrorism faced by the World of Islam are within preplanned plots to tarnish the image of Islam and providing the grounds for intervention of the enemies in the domestic affairs of Muslims.

To the participants of the event, regarding the importance of accomplishing unity and rapprochement among religious schools and denominations, it is unquestionably necessity that each Muslims spare no effort in the realm of unity and try their utmost to take effect stem in fulfilling the standing aims in this arena.

Beckoned to the critical issues of Palestine, they call palestinian groups to resolve their disagreements and unresolved disputations replacing them with unity to confront their common enemy.

Participants also warn against devastation of some Muslim countries including Syria, Yemen and Iraq which is in line with interests of the Zionist regime and world arrogant powers , demanding mobilization of all capabilities and all out efforts for preventing the disintegration of regional countries in a bid to restore peace and security in the region.

They urge Muslims  to adhere to top Islamic objectives and mobilize all their efforts for achieving this great objective avoiding trivial issues in ideological and practical views and maintain creation of a new Islamic civilization.

Like previous years, the 29th edition fo Islamic Unity Conference was also held on the auspicious occasion of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday, which marks the Muslim Unity Week.

Over 300 Muslim figures and scholars from 70 countries will attend this event. 12 specialized committees discussed different themes including Muslim world’s conditions today, resistance movement scholars, women and family, youths, academics, sciences and technology, etc.

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