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NY mayor: Trump ‘dangerous’ for US

31 December 2015 8:08


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has criticized Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for his “un-American” rhetoric on the campaign trail, saying the billionaire businessman is “dangerous” for America.

“He has now become dangerous,” de Blasio said Tuesday in an interview on WOR-710 in New York.

“He has systematically affronted one group after another — women, Muslims, Mexican-Americans. Then he has started to say things that are positively un-American, like we are going to have Muslims on a list and not allowing people into the country based on a religious test,” the mayor added.

“What has Trump done?” he asked. “Just look at the Constitution. This goes against all of our basic values.”

In November, de Blasio blasted Trump, a native New Yorker, for suggesting that the United States should register all Muslim Americans in a special database for security reasons.

De Blasio then called Trump a “blowhard” and said his remarks “play right into ISIL’s hands.”

Trump hit back at de Blasio, calling him “the worst mayor in the US” and “probably the worst Mayor in the history” of New York City.

In his Tuesday interview on the same radio show, de Blasio said his previous comments did not fully describe Trump.

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