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Infighting between Takfiri Militants Erupts in Damascus

1 January 2016 10:30



Heavy battles erupted between Takfiri terrorists from Jeish al-Islam and Jeish Tahrir al-Sham groups in Damascus province as militants continue to lose ground in Syria.

Terrorists from Jeish al-Islam engaged in fierce clashes with Jeish Tahrir al-Sham terrorists in al-Damir city in Damascus countryside, informed sources said today.

Earlier this month, heavy fighting erupted between the ISIL and other terrorist groups in the Northern part of Aleppo province, leaving casualties on both sides.

A group of terrorists were killed in exchange of fire between the ISIL and other terrorist groups in Kafra village in the Northern province of Aleppo on December 7.

The recent victories of the Syrian army and its allies across Syria, specially in Aleppo province, have winded rift among the militant groups.

Militant sources said on December that the Mo’arez (Dissident) and Thowar terrorist groups stormed ISIL’s positions in the Northern parts of Aleppo province and captured two villages.

The sources said that Mo’arez terrorists pushed back the ISIL militants and took control of al-Kharbah and al-Qazal villages near the border with Turkey after hours of clashes.

They further added that Thowar militant group also launched an offensive on the ISIL to capture Qarah Mazra’a Farm near the Syria-Turkey border.

The rival terrorist groups announced earlier that they had killed tens of the ISIL militants in a car-bomb attack in the ISIL-held Thowran village.

On Monday, the notorious terrorist group, ISIL, engaged in heavy clashes with rival militants in Dalha village in the Northern countryside of Aleppo.

Reports said the ISIL terrorist group launched heavy mortar attacks on the strongholds of other militant groups in the Northern part of Aleppo province.

Local sources said the ISIL’s mortar shelling was conducted in Marea town some 25 kilometers North of Aleppo city.

There have been no reports on the identity of the targets and their possible casualties.

Sources said last week that the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front has declared war on the ISIL militants after a dispute over the latter’s prisoner exchange with the Lebanese Army.

Prior to this turmoil along the border of Lebanon and Syria in Qalamoun mountains, there have been similar cases of fight between them in Northern Syria that included a war in Northern Aleppo and Raqqa.

Late in November, heavy fighting erupted between two rival Takfiri terrorist groups in Idlib province, leaving casualties on both sides.

A large group of terrorists were killed in exchange of fire between al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham terrorist groups in al-Rami village in Idlib countryside.

Earlier this month, fierce clashes also took pace between rival terrorist groups in the province of Dara’a, leaving scores of militants dead and injured as rifts widened between the terrorists after the Syrian army continued advance in more militant-held territories.

Clashes erupted between terrorists of al-Nusra Front and the so-called “Liwa Shuhadaa al-Yarmouk” terrorist group in al-Allan area in the Western countryside of Dara’a after al-Nusra announced on its Twitter account on Sunday that it had killed the chief of Liwa Shuhadaa al-Yarmouk.

Dozens of terrorists from both sides were killed or injured in the clashes.

Abu Ali al-Breidi, the leader of Liwa Shuhadaa al-Yarmouk, was reportedly killed in a suicide attack by al-Nusra Front that targeted one of the terrorist group’s positions.

Terrorist groups’ confirmed infighting between the Takfiri terrorist groups on their social media pages, and said that members of Liwa Shuhadaa al-Yarmouk killed around 50 al-Nusra Front leaders in less than one month, and killed and abducted 300 other al-Nusra Front members.

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