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Iran determined to strengthen military power for peace in ME

1 January 2016 10:44


In response to President Rouhani’s decree to further strengthen Iran’s missile program, Iran’s Defense Minister Dehghan reassured that the program will guarantee the peace in the ME.   

The development of Iran’s missile program will be strongly followed, reassured Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan, Iran’s Minister of Defense, one day after receiving an order from President Rouhani to strengthen Iran’s defensive programs and missile, issued in response to meddling policies of the US.

The General highlighted that the expansion of defensive power is in line with overall strategies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iran’s military might is a guarantee for the peace and tranquility of the whole region.

Iran’s military capabilities are not negotiable, highlighted Dehghan, promising that Iranian armed forces and the nation are determined to strengthen and domesticize defensive technologies.

Dehghan reiterated that Iran’s missile program has never been a subject of negotiation in the past and it will never be discussed now or in the future as well; he maintained that there has never been a curb agreed to be posed on Iran’s ballistic missiles.

Bearing in mind the animosity of Americans toward Iranians, and the latest discussions in the US to enlarge the blacklist of those who trade with Iran, President Rouhani’s order would be meticulously practiced.

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