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Sunni Cleric: Uprooting Islam is the aim of Takfiris

1 January 2016 10:39


“Takfiri and extremist groups aim at uprooting the divine religion of Islam,” said one of Sunni clerics in Golestan Province.
In an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) , on the sideline of the 29thedition of the Islamic Unity Conference, Akhound Farahmand counted lack of religious tact and the standing threats of enemies as the main crises in the world of Islam and Muslim countries.

“They (Takfiri groups and extrimists) try to aim at the existing unity among Muslims, sparing no effort and way to arrive at this willful objective,” underscored the religious cleric.

“Presently, Takfiri groups under the guise of Islam place a forceful attempt to tarnish the divine of Islam and uproot this religion in the World,” pointed out the cleric stressing these extremist groups are neither Sunni nor Shia.

Muslims should be too well united against the enemies at the present situation. Given that Akhound Farahmand highlighted the holy Quran Verse saying, “
And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.” Urging Muslims to “act as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) commanded and counteract Takfiris’ measures.”

In point of fact, those who fell silent cannot disavow involvement in the violence, since their silence provides the groundwork for enemies to fulfill their malignant aims. Thereupon, according to the religious cleric, Muslims are all incumbent to preserve unity, “gaining knowledge and respect other people’s takes,” since only through this condition Takfiri sects have no power to damage Muslims.

Along the Akhound Farahmand, participants of the 29th international Islamic Unity conference urgedMuslims to stop short of highlighting their minute differences and get united against their common enemies.

To them the current Stuff of nightmare in Muslim countries is a new plot hatched by enemies to prevent the strong presence of the Muslim world in the arena of regional and international progress.

In their lines, the presence of the Takfiri militants and extremist groups in the World of Islam is another attempt by the regime of Zionism.

29th Islamic Unity Conference with the theme of “Present Crises of Muslim World and Ways to End Them” was held on December 27-29 December, 2015, concurrent with the birthday anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), dubbed as Islamic Unity Week.

The event with more than 600 scholars from Iran and across the world of Islam in attendance, began its three-day work with the opening speech delivered by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani maintained by other speeches gave by participants from other Islamic states and also 14 sideline committees discussing  the current issues of Muslim World.

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