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Syrian Artillery Units Shell Militant Positions Heavily North of Homs Province

1 January 2016 16:58


The Syrian Army announced on Friday that its artillery units shelled the militants’ strongholds in the Northern part of Homs province, adding that the shelling inflicted large casualties on the terrorists and caused chaos among them.

“Scores of the militants were killed or wounded after the Syrian artillery units shelled their positions near Talbiseh,” the army said.

“The army’s heavy shelling spread waves of concern among the militants as in most cases such heavy shelling have been followed by the ground forces attacks on the shelled defense lines of the militant groups,” the army added.

Earlier reports said that concentration centers of the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front in the Northern parts of Homs province came under massive bombardment by the Syrian warplanes.

“The Syrian fighter jets carried out several combat sorties over the positions of Nusra terrorists in Tir Ma’ala and Ein Hossein al-Janoubi villages and bombed them heavily, which left many terrorists dead and many other wounded,” the sources said.

“In addition to a heavy death toll inflicted on the Nusra militants, their machinegun-equipped vehicles were largely destroyed in the airstrikes,” the sources added.

The Syrian ground and air forces have had very good cooperation in anti-terrorism combat in the Central province in the recent weeks.

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