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Belgium releases six suspects shows govenments involvement in fabricated ‘terror plots’ aiming to create more Islamophobia

2 January 2016 11:36



Authorities in Belgium have released six suspects who had been arrested over an alleged plot to carry out terrorist attacks in Brussels during the holiday season.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office said three out of a total of six suspects detained for questioning on Thursday were released on Friday. It said that the other three suspects had been set free on the same day of their arrest.

“Within the framework of an investigation in Brussels into the threats of terrorist attacks, with key places of the capital among the possible targets, the last three of the detainees were released after questioning,” the Federal Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

The office said the target of the alleged terrorist plot was police and military forces as well as major landmarks in the country’s capital of Brussels, including its vibrant central square, the Grand Place.

Earlier this week, authorities arrested two Belgian nationals identified as 30-year-old Said Saouti and 27-year-old Mohammed Karay, both members of a motorcycle club known as the Kamikaze Riders.

The two were then charged with threatening to carry out terror attacks, recruiting people to carry out such attacks and direct involvement in the activities of an alleged terrorist group.

A judge has ordered them to be held for at least another month following their arrest.

The development came as city officials in Brussels cancelled public celebrations for the turn of the year, including New Year’s Eve fireworks displays, citing “continuing terror threat.”

The alleged ringleader of bloody terrorist attacks in Paris last November, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was a Belgian national and grew up in the poor Brussels district of Molenbeek. Two more of the Paris attackers had been living in the Belgian capital.

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