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Political strategy, solution to Muslim world crises

2 January 2016 15:57


Talal Idrissi, professor of social sciences at University of Lebanon, in an interview with Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on the sideline of 29th Islamic Unity Conference, called political solution as one of the best ways to put an end to the present crises in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He stressed,” Intrigues and disagreements within Islamic states will lead to foreign intervention in the domestic affairs of Muslim nations.”

Talal Idrissi, referred to the issue of Palestine as one of the most strategic issues in the world of Islam and said,” All current issues in the world of Islam are rooted in the Zionist regime of Israel.”

He hailed Iran for the initiation to hold annual conference to convene Muslims from across the globe and said one of the greatest values among Muslims is holding conferences like Islamic Unity Conference.

Lebanese author referred to the Islamic Unity Conference and said,” Holding this conference means that Iran, during the past three decades, has understood the necessity of this convention and provided the grounds for the meeting and it is not a movement which has been held during the past 5 years.”

He expressed regret that some Arab and Islamic countries are not in pursuit of true unity among Muslims and invest for creation of intrigues and disagreement among Muslim nations.

Participated by more than 300 Muslim elites and officials from 70 countries across the globe, 29th Islamic Unity Conference was held on 27-29 December 2015 to discuss the current crises of Muslim world.

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