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Militant Groups Confirm Death, Injury of Over 300 Members in Syria’s Sheikh Meskeen

3 January 2016 9:13


Terrorist groups acknowledged on Sunday that over 300 of their members, including several field commanders,have been killed or wounded in the war with the Syrian army in the town of Sheikh Meskeen North of Dara’a in the last three days.

The Takfiri terrorist groups said they have lost over 50 members, while around 250 of their fighters have sustained injuries in the recent operation of the Syrian Army and its popular allies which ended in the recapture of Sheikh Meskeen.

But, military experts inside Syria believe that the death toll announced by the militant groups is not acceptable because the pro-government forces’ operation in Sheikh Meskeen was a large-scale one that inflicted very heavy casualties on the terrorists.

On Wednesday, the Syrian Army alongside the popular forces drove the militant groups back from the entire districts of the key town of Sheikh Meskeen North of Dara’a after inflicting large casualties on the terrorists and capturing a large number of them.

“Sheikh Meskeen is now under the full control of the Syrian government forces,” army sources said at the time.

“The militant groups have suffered a heavy death toll. Most of the militants in the town have been killed or wounded. In addition, a large number of the militants have surrendered, while the rest preferred to flee the war zone,” an army officer said.

“The Syrian army is fortifying its positions in the town now,” he went on to say.

“Pro-government troops are patrolling the town to find the rest of the militants,” the source added.

“The Syrian soldiers are transferring the captured and injured militants to safer areas behind the frontline,” he added.

“The engineering units of the army are defusing the Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) planted by the terrorists groups across the government buildings,” he said.

Sheikh Meskeen is vital and strategic due to its location along the second most important highway in the Dara’a province; it is also the key to the cities of Nawa and Jassim.

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