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Ali Al-Nimr awaits his execution in a Saudi prison

4 January 2016 7:06


Over the weekend, the zionist Saudi regime executed 47 prisoners for various “crimes” committed against the state, marking one of the bloodiest days in Saudi Arabia’s short history.

Among those 47 prisoners executed by the enemy of Islam Saudi regime was the prominent cleric – Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr of Qatif – his brutal beheading would spark international outrage, as several human rights groups and countries expressed their dismay over Saudi Arabia’s poor display of civility.

One of the names left off the execution list this past weekend was ‘Ali Al-Nimr – the 19 year old nephew of the prominent cleric that has been imprisoned since the age of 15 for participating in civilian demonstration against the Saudi regime.

‘Ali’s attorney has reportedly filed an appeal against his client’s absurd conviction by the Saudi Shari’ah Courts; if denied, the 19 year old will face execution by crucifixion.

Many international activists have spoken out against the Saudi regime for the unjust conviction and sentencing that was bestowed upon ‘Ali Al-Nimr; however, it has done very little to convince the Saudi regime to issue a lighter sentence.

So young ‘Ali Al-Nimr waits – he waits for a miracle to save him from this imminent execution that the Saudi regime has used to agitate Shi’i Muslims all around the world; especially, their opponents in the Iranian government.

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