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Syrian Armed Forces launch a preliminary offensive in southeastern Homs

4 January 2016 7:09


One week after capturing the strategic town of Maheen in the Homs Governorate’s southeastern countryside, the Syrian Arab Army’s 120th Brigade of the 2nd Division – in close coordination with the Russian Air Force, the National Defense Forces (NDF) of Sadad and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) – has launched a preliminary offensive in the Quraytayn countryside to recapture the imperative Maheen-Quraytayn checkpoint that is situated along the road leading to mountains overlooking this ancient Assyrian city.

Over the weekend, the Syrian Arab Army’s 120th Brigade and their allies began bombarding the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham’s (ISIS) defensive positions along the Maheen-Quraytayn Road with mortar shells, rockets; this was meant to weaken the terrorist group’s resistance and resolve to hold Quraytayn. Following a hell-storm of rockets, mortar shells, and bombs hitting ISIS targets in Quraytayn, the Syrian Arab Army’s 120th Brigade and their allies struck the terrorist group’s positions at the small hilltops overlooking the Maheen-Quraytayn Checkpoint; this resulted in violent exchange between the two opposing parties that lasted for several hours before the pro-government forces finally seized these small collection of hills.

While there is still a lot of fighting left to go in order to capture Quraytayn, the Syrian Armed Forces have made their first no S towards its liberation from the ISIS terrorists occupying this ancient Assyrian city in the deserts southeastern Homs.

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