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Senior Terrorist Commander Killed in Syrian Air Attacks North of Dara’a

5 January 2016 16:39



Several militants, including the leader of al-Mothana terrorist group, were killed in the Syrian airstrikes near the newly-liberated town of Sheikh Meskeen, sources said on Tuesday.

“Abu Bakr al-Muhajir, the notorious commander of al-Mothana, and several of his comrades were killed in the Syrian fighter jets’ bombardments,” the sources said.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian army thwarted an attempt by al-Nusra Front terrorists to penetrate into the strategic city of Sheikh Meskeen in the province of Dara’a.

A group of al-Nusra Front terrorists tried to open their way into the city center after the recent capturing of Sheikh Meskeen by the army in a major offensive, but they were pushed back by the Syrian troops.

The terrorists intended to use heavy machineguns and DshK-equipped vehicles in their attack. The terrorists were using the Eastern outskirts of the town of Nawa to open their path to the army’s Brigade 82.

On Wednesday, the Syrian army alongside the popular forces drove the militant groups back from the entire districts of the key town of Sheikh Meskeen North of Dara’a after inflicting large casualties on the terrorists and capturing a large number of them.

Sheikh Meskeen is vital and strategic due to its location along the second most important highway in the Dara’a province; it is also the key to the cities of Nawa and Jassim.

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