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Yemeni Army Refutes Aggression Rumors, Gains Military Victories in Jizan

5 January 2016 19:11


New details have been revealed about the decisive operations carried out by the Yemeni army and the Popular Committees on Monday in the Saudi area of Al-Tawal.

The national military established full control over Saudi military sites in the Al-Tawal border outlet during a major military operation that left dozens killed or injured and forced others to retreat long distances amid collapses and injuries among the enemy ranks.

A military source said the army troops and the Committees launched a surprise attack on the Saudi forces in their recently built positions in Al-Tawal region and killed dozens of Saudi soldiers and other mercenaries.

The source noted that the Yemeni Missile Unit also flattened other Saudi military posts in the areas of Beit Kaba’, North Ataya and Mesfaq in Jizan, while the artillery fire targeted other Saudi sites in Khoba and Qae’m Zabid.

This military achievement comes in response to rumors promoted by the Saudi aggression media outlets about the progress of their mercenaries towards the district of Harad.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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