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Terrorists ISIL Sustains Large Casualties in Clashes with Syrian Army Southeast of Homs

6 January 2016 10:25



The Syrian Army announced on Wednesday that its troops and their popular allies engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL militants in the Southeastern battlefields of Homs province.

“The clashes between the Syrian government forces and the ISIL terrorist occurred near the newly recaptured Maheen and Hawareen,” the army said.

“In addition to a heavy death toll the ISIL sustained, the terrorist group’s military vehicles were also destroyed in the army attacks,” the army added.

“The Syrian soldiers also tracked and defused a vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) near its positions in Maheen,” the army went on to say.

Military experts inside Syria believe that the Syrian army and its allies are now trying to engage in brief clashes with the militant groups several times per day to in one hand prevent them to fortify their positions and on the other hand to give the militants the chance of laying down their guns and turning themselves in to the authorities.

“Observing humanitarian considerations and international law in war time can slow down an army’s advances against its enemy, that is why the Syrian government forces’ victories against the militant groups have taken long time,” they said.

On Monday, the Syrian fighter jets bombed ISIL’s machinegun-equipped positions to suppress the terrorists’ fire power for the Army’s upcoming operation in the Southeastern parts of Homs province.

“Intelligence units informed the country’s air force that some of the ISIL strongholds have been equipped with heavy machineguns in the recent days,” the army said.

“We also were informed by the intelligence sources that the ISIL has deployed some of its machinegun-equipped vehicles inside the defense trenches to change its defensive arrangement in the shortest time possible,” the army said.

“The Syrian air fleet, utilizing its experienced pilots, tracked and targeted the mentioned strongholds of the ISIL in the Western part of the ancient Assyrian town of Quaryatayn, and inflicted heavy losses on them,” the army went on to say.

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