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Thousands of Palestinians bid farewell to three Jerusalemite martyrs

6 January 2016 19:00


Thousands of Palestinians on Tuesday bade farewell to martyrs: Mohammad Ali, 19, from Shufat refugee camp, Ishaq Badran, 16, and Ahmad Eqnaibi, 23, from Kafr Aqb near Occupied Jerusalem.

The participants in the funerals chanted pro-resistance and pro-Aqsa slogans and waved Palestinian flags.

Both of the martyrs Mohammad Ali and Ishaq Badran were killed by Israeli gunfire on October 10, 2015 at the Damascus gate in Occupied Jerusalem. While, martyr Eqnaibi was killed on October 30, 2015. The bodies of the three martyrs were detained by Israeli forces until Monday, January 04, 2015.

The Israeli Occupation Authority (IOA) imposed conditions on the martyrs’ families for the delivery of their bodies including burying them outside the walls of Occupied Jerusalem. The IOA also blackmailed the family of martyr Eqnaibi by making them pay five thousand shekels for the delivery of their son’s body.
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