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Saudi People Continue Protest Rallies in Qatif

7 January 2016 18:40



The protestors held rallies in 7 different parts of Qatif on Wednesday night, holding placards in support of Sheikh Nimr and chanting slogans against the Saudi officials for his execution, FNA reported.

In their slogans, they also underlined that the sentences issued by the country’s judiciary system are cruel.

The people in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern province have been holding continued protest rallies since the interior ministry announced on Saturday that it has executed 47 people, including Sheikh Nimr.

The rallies were held after hundreds of Saudi soldiers and security forces raided people’s houses in the region of Qatif in the Eastern part of the kingdom on Tuesday beating residents and arresting tens of people.

The Saudi troops ransacked buildings and caused heavy damage to the houses, cars and properties of the people by random firing at them.

The Riyadh government is trying hard to suppress increasing popular protests across Saudi Arabia after it executed Sheikh Nimr on Saturday.

On Monday, the Saudi police killed a young man and injured an eight-year-old boy during popular protests in Qatif region in the Eastern part of the kingdom to condemn Sheikh Nimr’s execution.

Ali Omran al-Dawood was killed when the Saudi police started shooting at the protesters in the village of Awamiyah in Qatif region.

An eight-year-old boy was also injured during the police shootout.

Large groups of protesters were also beaten and arrested as security forces surrounded a group of young Saudis who were burning tires in protest at Sheikh Nimr’s execution.

Saudi Arabia announced Saturday that it has executed the prominent Muslim cleric.

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