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URGENT: Militants Smashed by Syrian Army’s Massive Operations in Lattakia

7 January 2016 18:45


The Syrian army troops along with the National Defence Forces (NDF) crushed terrorists groups in Lattakia and won back new areas in the province, including several strategic heights, on Thursday, in a move seen by military analysts as a groundbreaking victory near the Turkish border.

The Syrian soldiers and the NDF took full control over Rweiset Abu Ghannam, Rweiset al-Sheikh Salman, al-Hara Mount, Bait Fares Mount and a number of strategic hills in the Northern countryside of Lattakia on Thursday.

According to military source, tens of militants were killed and tens of others were wounded in the large-scale operations of Syrian army and its allies in the Coastal Province.

Following the huge victories of the Syrian forces on Thursday, scores of Takfiri terrorists fled their positions in areas near the recently-captured regions in Lattakia province for fear of the government troops’ continued offensives on their positions.

Hours ago, the Syrian armed forces claimed back al-Saraf village in the Northern countryside of Lattakia after a series of fierce clashes with Takfiri terrorists.

The Syrian army had launched artillery attacks on Takfiri militants’ positions in the Lattakia Mountain range in the countryside of Lattakia on Thursday.

The Syrian forces also had engaged in fierce clashes with the militants as the Syrian troops attacked militants’ concentration centers in the mountains of the Northern countryside of Lattakia. The clashes left a group of militants killed and injured.

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