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Saudi FM welcomed to Islamabad with protests

8 January 2016 18:25


Zionist Saudi regime Foreign Minister, Adel bin Ahmed al Jubeir, arrived in Islamabad to brief Pakistan’s civil and military leadership about the purpose of the 34-nation anti-terrorism coalition . The Saudi Minister met the Army Chief, Raheel Shareef, in the General Headquarter’s of the Military and then later with Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef at his house.

Jubeir who led a 17 member delegation stayed only 6 hours in Islamabad. His last scheduled trip due for last Sunday was canceled because of rising tensions with Iran after the execution of Saudi Shi’ite Cleric Sheikh Nimr . Pakistani people expressed their anger at the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir’s visit to the country capital Islamabad. Hundreds of people protested and chanted slogans against the Saudi regime.

People held banners against Riyadh and called Saudi Arabia a US Zionist puppet which has committed a brutal crime by executing Sheikh al-Nimr An activist was arrested for protesting against the Saudi regime and was later was sent to jail by court order. The Saudi Minister planned a news conference with Pakistani advisers on Foreign Affairs but was cancelled due to possible media questions over the recent regional developments by Saudi Arabia .

Further Pakistani military and political leadership urged Saudi Arabia and Iran to solve their issue peacefully. The Pakistani government decided to distanced from a Saudi-led anti-Yemen and Syria coalition but will have intelligence sharing, especially in regards to terrorism organizations.

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