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Terrorists Suffer Heavy Casualties in Gov’t Forces’ Attacks North of Dara’a

8 January 2016 16:36



Scores of terrorists were killed in a series of joint offensives carried out by the Syrian Army and the country’s popular forces in the Northern territories of Dara’a province on Friday.

“The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) continued to hunt the militants near Sheikh Meskeen,” the army said today almost a week after the conquest of the strategic city where al-Nusra Front, FSA and other terrorist groups lost hundreds of militants before withdrawing from the region.

“The militant groups’ armed vehicles and hardware were also destroyed in the attack,” the army added.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian Army troops and their popular allies advanced against the terrorist groups close to the border with Jordan in the Dara’a province for the first time in several months.

“The Syrian army and the NDF have advanced to the final border point in the al-Manshiyeh Quarter of Dara’a City before reaching the Nayef border-crossing to the Jordanian province of ‘Irbid,” the sources said.

“Overwhelmed and exhausted, the militants issued a distress call to their allies in the region to help them beat back the advancing government forces,” they added.

“After months of fighting with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the provincial capital of Dara’a, the Syrian army’s 5th Armored Division is finally within a few hundred meters of the Jordanian-Syrian border-crossing,” the sources said.

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