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Funeral held for 4 Palestinians killed in al-Khalil

9 January 2016 16:14


A mass Palestinian funeral ceremony for four youths killed by Israeli forces near the city of al-Khalil (Hebron) in the West Bank has turned into protests against the regime’s brutal crackdown on the residents of the occupied territories.

Relatives of the Palestinian victims gathered in the village of Sa’ir, near al-Khalil, to bury the four who were shot dead two days ago after Israeli forces accused them of carrying out stabbing attacks.

Three of the slain Palestinians, who were in their early 20s, were killed in Gush Etzion Junction in southern West Bank on Thursday. The fourth, a Palestinian young woman, was killed hours later, after she allegedly sought to stab forces at a checkpoint in the West Bank village of Beit Einun, located five kilometers (3.1 miles) northeast of al-Khalil.

During the funeral, Palestinian protesters shouted slogans against the Israelis and condemned the killing of the four youths. There were no immediate reports on any confrontation between the protesters and the Israeli forces.

Around 150 Palestinians have been killed in more than three months of violence in the occupied territories since early October.

Israelis have escalated targeting of Palestinians, accusing them of carrying out attacks against forces and settlers. Palestinians says the Tel Avivi regime tries to change the status quo of the al-Aqsa mosque, a highly revered place for the Muslims across the world.

Several Palestinians have also been killed in clashes during funerals over the past months.

The increasing attacks by settlers on the Palestinians have also played a role in the fresh wave of violence in the occupied territories as Israelis frequently storm the houses and properties of people in various towns and villages of the occupied West Bank.

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