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Iranian Sunni cleric calls Nimr execution as horrible

9 January 2016 18:43


Sunni cleric from Southeastern Province of Sistan and Baluchistan called execution of Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr Baghir al Nimr, as horrible move provoking the feelings of all people.

Molavi Abdul Hamid Esmaeel Zehi, Sunni prayer leader of Makki Mosque in Zahedan, in his Friday sermon called Sheikh Nimr as a great Shia figure who became widely popular among the people after his detention, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He referred to the sorrow of both Shia and Sunni communities following the execution of Sheikn Nimr and said no matter what the religion or denomination of a scholar is; the execution of a religious leader will lead to agitation and sorrow among the people.

Manager of Dal-ul-Ululm Sunni Seminary in Zahedan also touched upon the reactions following the execution of Sheikh Nimr and said Sunni community denounces the move and thinks that a lighter more rational approach should be hired in reaction even with those who raise problem.

Sunni cleric also criticized the violent measures in regards to Saudi embassy in Iran calling that an indecent measure taken by some Iranians because based on the international law embassies and diplomats should be in absolute security.

Prayer leader of Makki Mosque noted Saudi severing ties with Iran is not beneficial for region and Muslim countries adding,” These two countries have a special situation in the region and can settle the issues in other regional Islamic states hence there should not be tension between them.

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