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Prominent Lebanese Cleric: KSA is accountable for current crises’

9 January 2016 8:37


“Saudi Arabia should be accountable for current crises,” underlined secretary general of scholars’ council of Lebanon Sheikh Mahir Hamod.
Secretary General of scholars’ council of Lebanon Sheikh Mahir Hamod held Saudi Arabia and its rulers accountable for current crises in the World of Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Beckoned to execution of the prominent religious leader in the Muslim World of Islam, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, the Lebanese cleric underscored, “Death is not the punishment of those who criticize rulers in Islamic government.”

The religious cleric went on to underline, “martyrdom of Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr was the conspiracy of America and Israel which was implemented by Saudi Arabia.”

Expressing solidarity with Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr, Secretary General of scholars’ council of Lebanon highlighted, “The U.S and the regime of Zionism have found the very right person in Riyadh that can implement their every new conspiracy.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the religious cleric leveled severe criticism at Saudi rulers for interfering in the internal affairs of Lebanon creating hurdles in the way of presidential elections of Lebanon.

Secretary General of scholars’ council of Lebanon denounced the crimes perpetrated by the arrogance world and its allies in the region along with the willful measures forwarded by the Al-Saud.

“Gaza are not just tired of the atrocities of Israel rather they are also tried of the policies of Saudi Arabia and some Arab countries,” highlighted the Lebanese cleric stressing the crimes perpetrated by Al Saud monarchy is not justifiable.

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