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Iraqi Army Wins Back Strategic Region in Ramadi, Frees 500 Besieged Families

10 January 2016 15:30


The Iraqi army continued its advances in the city of Ramadi in Anbar province, Western Iraq, and seized back a strategic region from ISIL’s control.

“The Iraqi forces managed to take full control of Sofia district in the Eastern part of Ramadi city and released 500 families who were under the ISIL’s siege,” the Arab media outlets quoted Spokesman of Anbar Governor’s Office Eid Amash as saying on Sunday.

Sofia region had become a safe haven for the ISIL terrorists who had fled the city center of Ramadi after army’s recent advances.

The Iraqi security forces destroyed several ISIL tunnels after taking control of Sofia district.

On December 26, the Iraqi army sources in Iraq said that the country’s army had purged the ISIL terrorists from 90% of the Ramadi city.

“The breakthrough was made after Friday evening’s fierce clashes between the Iraqi forces and the terrorists in the strategic region of Huz in the Southern parts of Ramadi and North of al-Zabat district,” the army sources added.

The victory will pave the ground for the Iraqi army to clean up the city center from the ISIL terrorists and rebuild the bridge connecting Huz and the Southern outskirts of Ramadi, including Qadisiya region, which in turn would facilitated dispatch of troops and arms logistics to the Iraqi forces.

Iraqi officials say they believe that they will have a full victory in a few days.

In late December, the Iraqi armed forces started massive attacks on the ISIL to take back Ramadi. The government troops have already managed to take control of many regions, including al-Zabat, al-Aramel and al-Bakr regions in the Southern parts of Ramadi city.

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