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‘World of Islam is against Saudi cruelty

10 January 2016 8:42


The representative of supreme leader and Friday prayer leader of Kermanshah, Ayatollah Mustafa Ulama touched upon the execution of Sheikh Al-Nimr stressing, “The World of Islam strongly denounced such willful move and is against such cruelty of Al-Saud monarchy,” reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The religious cleric denounced the execution as a heinous crime, noting the move was indeed based on empty allegations, and false pretexts.

The religious cleric added, “God Almighty and all His prophets command humankind to take the cognizance of codes of ethics and abide by moral principles.”

The representative of supreme leader narrated the latest remark made by the supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and underscored, “the speech highlighting unmasking the willful intention of Saudi Arabia and its evil moves  was very important and it should be discussed in more details.”

Ayatollah Mustafa Ulama denounced the execution of Shiekh Al-Nimr and said, “Such malignant move is the cause of worldly hatred against Al-Saud.”

Friday prayer leader of Kermanshah paid tribute to Sheikh Nimr highlighting, “Shikh Nimr was a peaceful protester and hanging him means hanging the peace.”

Sheikh Nimr was a spiritual scholar who always sought dialogue and resisted injustice. To religious clerics and thinkers, his martyrdom will pave the way for the final abolishment of the Saudi kingdom.

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