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Anti-Saudi protest held in Sydney

11 January 2016 7:23


The execution of Nimr al-Nimr by the Saudi regime set a trigger that forever changed Saudi-Iranian relations. Although the Shi’ite cleric was not Iranian, his execution created a diplomatic clash between Tehran and Riyadh after Iranian mobs sacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran in retaliation. His only supposed crime was his criticisms towards the Saudi regime and his calls for free and democratic elections in the Wahhabi kingdom. Following protests that occurred in Karachi and Stockholm that were covered by Al-Masdar, as well as many others locations across the globe, Sydney Australia was no exception to this. Protesters called for the end of Saudi sponsored terrorism among many other things.

In speaking with Dr Tim Anderson who was in attendance, he explains that: “About 150 people rallied in Sydney to remember the martyr Sheikh Nimr, brutally murdered, beheaded by the Saudi Regime. Dozens of others have been killed by this medieval clan. Speakers referred to the respected Sheikh’s legacy and demanded the Australian Government break all ties with the Saudi regime, the major sponsor of terrorism and sectarian violence in the Middle East.” Well respected Anglican Priest, Father David Smith, as well as popular Syrian activist, Mimi al-Laham, were also in attendance.

The same Saudi aggression that has led to the execution of the peaceful cleric, is the same Saudi sponsored barbarity that has devastated Syria since 2011. This same aggression has been exported throughout the Middle East and has seen the destabilization of Iraq and Yemen. Since Saudi Arabia broke all ties with Tehran, Bahrain, Sudan, Somalia and Djibouti have all followed suit.

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